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Rosco Paints

Rosco’s paints are manufactured with a high volume of finely ground artist’s pigments. They are designed to give an artist clean, bright colors that can be mixed without graying. Rosco’s paint lines were designed with scenic art in mind.  They stay supple and offer excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces. Rosco paints have a matte finish which will not reflect stage light. Even house paints that are labeled “flat” have a sheen which can be distracting on stage. Backstage stocks Rosco’s complete line and is prepared to meet your paint needs.

California Paints

Based in Andover, MA, California Paints is committed to providing the highest quality interior paint, exterior paint and architectural coatings, including the #1 rated exterior paint evaluated by a national independent study. As a leading paint producer, California Paints also offers cutting edge color tools and systems. Our color palettes can help you choose the right paint colors for any interior or exterior paint project. Whether you are searching for timeless classics or undiscovered trends, paint colors to suit any taste

Modern Masters

Our Metallic Paint Collection is an elegant alternative to latex paint, transforming your project from ordinary to extraordinary, while our Metal Effects line is designed to create a variety of beautiful oxidized metal finishes on any paintable surface. Modern Masters is the leader in Decorative Painting and Faux Finishing. We offer 40 shimmering, non-tarnishing, non-fading water base metallic color in 6 ounce, quart and gallon sizes.

Japan Colors by Ronan

Superfine Japan Colors These Japan Colors are made by Ronan, the oldest manufacturer of Japan Colors in the United States. Japan Colors are pure pigments and linseed oil with a combination of driers added to offer a quick drying, dead flat oil color. These pure colors are used for a variety of applications such as: Lettering, striping, stenciling, graining, staining, furniture restoration, glazing and antiquing. They can also be used to tint flat oil paints where control of luster is desired. These Japan colors are the finest that we know of, they excel in purity, tone uniformity, strength and fineness of grind.

Artist’s Choice

Artist’s Choice paints are water based color pigment saturated paints in a new type of polymer resin.
The paint can be used straight out of the can and perform a lot like acrylics. They appear to be thinner, not paste like. But don’t let it fool you; there are more solids (pigments) in Artist’s Choice Saturated paints than any other brand on the market.



MIXOL® is a multi-purpose tinting concentrate, an absolutely first-class product from Germany that has proven itself for over 40 years. It is a highly concentrated, binder-free, multi-purpose tinting concentrate – not a ready paint. It cannot be used in pure form, but it can be added to almost any type of paint or coating material. MIXOL® forms no skin or lumps, cannot dry out and is highly resistant to frost and heat so it can be stored for many years and is thus extremely economical.



We also carry Proline Tints, Minwax products, Krylon spray paints

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